Past Members of Volcanoes@UEA

Anna Hicks ( PDRA until October 2015). Now working as a volcanologist on the STREVA Project at the British Geological Survey

Jonathan Stone (PhD, December 2015). Now working as a Global Resilience Advisor at The TearFund

Luke Surl (PhD, December 2015). Now working as a PDRA at the University of Edinburgh combining satellite measurements of trace gases and aerosol in the troposphere with their computational modelling.

Mel Froude (PhD, July 2015) Now working as a SRA at the University of East Anglia working on landslide hazards and impacts with Dave Petley.

Melissa Plail (PhD, July 2014) Now working as an Assistant Editor at Nature Communications.

Alex Poulidis (PDRA, until April 2015) Now JPSP Research Fellow, Kyoto University, Japan.